Integration Dynamix

Integration Dynamix specializes in rapid product development and engineering services, helping manufacturing and engineering teams integrate and automate new systems to improve safety, data collection quality, and productivity.

About us

Integration Dynamix is a manufacturing and engineering services company that specializes in rapid product design and development services, specializing in the design and fabrication of radiation detection systems, scientific instruments, agile robotics and unmanned systems payloads, online monitoring systems, and custom software.

We believe that our expertise in rapid prototyping and engineering services is the key to unlocking the potential of new, innovative products and solutions. With a broad portfolio of systems developed and in-use worldwide across a wide range of industries, our focus on quality and customer satisfaction allows us to provide our clients with novel products and solutions that uniquely meet their needs.

What we offer

  • Rapid product development

  • Design of radiation detection systems

  • Design of scientific instruments

  • Design of embedded systems

  • Design of unmanned systems payloads

  • Custom software development

  • Computer aided design (CAD)

  • CNC fabrication

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Our services

We offer our clients a wide range of services that can help them reduce the time and cost required to bring new products and technologies into use. Our team of experienced engineers and manufacturers can create custom products quickly and affordably, ensuring that the products meet your specific needs and requirements.

Rapid hardware and software design/development

Our expertise in hardware and software development, from concept to final fabrication and assembly, allows us to provide you complete, turn-key solutions that uniquely meet your requirements.

Custom fabrication of instruments, agile robotics and unmanned systems payloads, and fixed/mobile analysis systems

From CAD to CAM, we can quickly design and fabricate custom solutions in-house within our modern machine shop with high-precision CNC tooling, where we are able to directly monitor and ensure the quality of the system components - fabricated in the USA.