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Our services

Rapid prototyping, design, and engineering services

From proving concepts, to complete products and systems, we can rapidly develop your custom solutions, ready to deploy and use.

  • Radiation detection systems

  • Real-time monitoring systems

  • Unmanned and autonomous systems

  • Portable instruments

Data collection and analysis systems

Design and development of custom data collection systems, with expertise working with many different vendor's instruments and sensors, and the processing and analysis tools or software programs to utilize them effectively, including desktop and embedded system designs.

Process monitoring systems

Integration of custom sensors and instruments with pilot or production process systems.

Custom circuit design

SMD and THT circuit design for sensor readout, low-power systems, and wireless technologies.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) and embedded systems

Design and development of IoT devices and embedded systems for remote monitoring, data collection, and analysis for automation I/O and edge computing.

CAD/CAM and system assembly

All custom fabrication can be performed in-house with modern CNC machines and manufacturing processes, ensuring our undivided attention to detail, from concept to final assembly of our custom solutions. Fabricated in the USA.